Amos 7:4-14 CJB

4 Next Adonai ELOHIM showed me this: Adonai ELOHIM was summoning a blazing fire to consume the great abyss, and it would have devoured the land too.
5 But I said, "Adonai ELOHIM, stop - please! How will tiny Ya'akov survive?"
6 ADONAI changed his mind about it. "This too won't happen," said Adonai ELOHIM.
7 Then he showed me this: Adonai was standing by a wall made with a plumbline, and he had a plumbline in his hand.
8 ADONAI asked me, "'Amos, what do you see?" I answered, "A plumbline." Then Adonai said, "I am going to put a plumbline in among my people Isra'el; I will never again overlook their offenses.
9 The high places of Yitz'chak will be desolate, Isra'el's sanctuaries will be destroyed, and I will attack the house of Yarov'am with the sword."
10 Then Amatzyah the priest of Beit-El sent this message to Yarov'am king of Isra'el, "'Amos is conspiring against you there among the people of Isra'el, and the land can't bear all that he's saying.
11 For 'Amos says: 'Yarov'am will die by the sword, and Isra'el will be led away from their land into exile.'"
12 Amatzyah also said to 'Amos, "Go away, seer! Go back to the land of Y'hudah! Earn your living there; and prophesy there;
13 but don't prophesy any more at Beit-El; for this is the king's sanctuary, a royal temple."
14 'Amos gave this answer to Amatzyah: "I am not trained as a prophet, and I'm not one of the guild prophets - I own sheep and grow figs.