In this and the two following chapters are the visions of Amos, in
number five; three of which are contained in this chapter, and with
which it begins. The first is of the grasshoppers or locusts eating up
the later grass of the land, which are stopped at the intercession of
the prophet, \\#Am 7:1-3\\; the second is of fire the Lord called for to
contend by, whose devouring flames are made to cease by the same
interposition, \\#Am 7:4-6\\; and the other is of the plumbline,
signifying the utter destruction of the people of Israel, according to
the righteous judgment of God, \\#Am 7:7-9\\; upon the delivery of which
prophecies and visions, the priest of Bethel forms a charge against the
prophet to the king; and advises Amos to flee into Judea, and prophesy
there, and not at Bethel, being willing to be rid of him at any rate,
\\#Am 7:10-13\\; next follows the prophet's vindication of himself showing
his divine call to the prophetic office, and his mission and express
order he had from the Lord to prophesy unto Israel, \\#Am 7:14,15\\; and
concludes with a denunciation of divine judgments on the priest's
family, and upon the whole land of Israel, \\#Am 7:16,17\\.