Exodus 18:22-27 CJB

22 Normally, they will settle the people's disputes. They should bring you the difficult cases; but ordinary matters they should decide themselves. In this way, they will make it easier for you and share the load with you.
23 If you do this - and God is directing you to do it - you will be able to endure; and all these people too will arrive at their destination peacefully."
24 Moshe paid attention to his father-in-law's counsel and did everything he said.
25 Moshe chose competent men from all Isra'el and made them heads over the people, in charge of thousands, hundreds, fifties and tens.
26 As a general rule, they settled the people's disputes - the difficult cases they brought to Moshe, but every simple matter they decided themselves.
27 Then Moshe let his father-in-law leave, and he went off to his own country.