This chapter gives an account of Jethro, Moses's father-in-law, with
Zipporah his daughter, the wife of Moses, and her two sons, meeting
him in the wilderness, who was kindly received by him, \\#Ex 18:1-7\\
and on Moses' relating the great things God had done for Israel,
Jethro expressed his joy on that account, gave praise to God, offered
sacrifice, and kept a feast with the elders of Israel, \\#Ex 18:8-12\\,
and observing the constant and fatiguing business Moses had on his hands
from morning to evening in judging the people, \\#Ex 18:13-18\\, he gave
him advice to appoint persons under him to receive laws and
ordinances from him, he should have from God, and, according to them,
judge and govern the people under them, some being rulers of
thousands, others of hundreds, others of fifties, and some of tens,
\\#Ex 18:19-23\\, which counsel was acceptable to Moses, and he took
it, \\#Ex 18:24-26\\ and the chapter is concluded with their friendly
parting, \\#Ex 18:27\\.