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The Children for Christ

Andrew Murray



First Day

The Family as God created it, Gen i. 21, 28

Second Day

The Family as Sin made it, Gen v 1, 3

Third Day

The Family as Grace restores it, Gen vii 1

Fourth Day

The Child of the Covenant, Gen xv 4, 6

Fifth Day

The Promise of the Covenant, Gen xvii 7

Sixth Day

The Seal of the Covenant, Gen xvii 11, 12

Seventh Day

Keeping the Covenant, Gen xviii 19

Eighth Day

The Child's Surety, Gen xliii 8, 9

Ninth Day

Faith hiding the Child, Ex ii 2

Tenth Day

A Lamb for an House, Ex xii 3, 23

Eleventh Day

The Father Priest and Prophet, Ex. xii. 26, 27

Twelfth Day

Sanctify the First-born, Ex xiii 1, 13-15

Thirteenth Day

The Sabbath and the Children, Ex xx 10

Fourteenth Day

The Children's Commandment, Ex xx 12

Fifteenth Day

Parental Instruction, Deut vi 1, 2, 5-7

Sixteenth Day

A Consecrated Home, Josh xxiv 15

Seventeenth Day

Consecrated Parents, Judg xiii 12

Eighteenth Day

A Consecrated Child, 1 Sam i 27, 28

Nineteenth Day

Parental Weakness, 1 Sam ii 29, 30 14<5

Twentieth Day

The Father as Intercessor, Job i 5

Twenty-first Day

The True Good, Ps xxxiv 11-14

Twenty-second Day

Training, Prov xxii 6

Twenty-third Day

The Child choosing the Good, Isa vii 15

Twenty-fourth Day

God's Spirit in our Children, Isa xliv 3, 5

Twenty-fifth Day

From Generation to Generation, Isa Ii 8

Twenty-sixth Day

The Crowning Blessing, Joel ii 28

Twenty-seventh Day

The Heavenly and the Earthly Father, Matt vii 11

Twenty-eighth Day

Children of the Kingdom, Matt viii 12

Twenty-ninth Day

A Mother's Persevering Prayer, Matt xv 22, 28

Thirtieth Day

The Heavenliness of a Little Child, Matt, xviii 4, 5

Thirty-first Day

Suffering Children to come to Jesus, Matt xix 14

Thirty-second Day

A Father's Tears, Mark ix 24

Thirty-third Day

The Sacredness of Motherhood, Luke i 15

Thirty-fourth Day

A Mother's Surrender, Luke i 38

Thirty-fifth Day

A Mother's Thanksgiving, Luke i 46-48

Thirty-sixth Day

Jesus the Children's Surety, Luke ii 22-24

Thirty-seventh Day

Baptism with Water and Spirit, Luke iii 16

Thirty-eighth Day

A Faith Home, Luke viii 49, 50

Thirty-ninth Day

The Chamber of Death, Luke viii 52

Fortieth Day

The Widow's Child, Luke vii 12, 13

Forty-first Day

The Sick Child, John iv 46, 47

Forty-second Day

Feed My Lambs, John xxi 15

Forty-third Day

The Holy Spirit in the Family, Acts ii 39

Forty-fourth Day

Parental Self-culture, Rom ii 21

Forty-fifth Day

Baptized into Christ, Rom vi 3, 4

Forty-sixth Day

The Heritage of Holiness, 1 Cor vii 14

Forty-seventh Day

The Reign of Love, Eph vi 4

Forty-eighth Day

The Nurture of the Lord, Eph vi 4

Forty-ninth Day

Home Rule, 1 Tim iii 4, 12

Fiftieth Day

Children and Scripture, 2 Tim i 5

Fifty-first Day

Believing Children, Tit i 6

Fifty-second Day

I and the Children, Heb ii 13

Note A

Twenty-Second Day

Note B

Thirtieth Day

Note C

Fortieth Day