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The following extract, from 'life In Jesus: A Memoir Of Mrs. Mary Winslow By Her Son,' gives a very touching and instructive illustration of a widowed mother claiming God's covenant on behalf of her children. And in later years, after her death, her son, Dr. B. Winslow, loved to tell how wondrously God had proved Himself faithful in fulfilling His promise to all her children:—

'She was now a widow with a large family of sons, dependent upon her for their training and settlement in life. "She that is a widow indeed, and desolate, trusteth in God." Such was her present condition. The surges of grief now yielded to a calm, intelligent survey of her position. She threw herself upon God. The covenant she made with Him when a wife, she now and more solemnly renewed as a widow,—that the Lord should be her God. It was at this important crisis of her history that the following touching incident in her experience occurred.

'" I had sent one of my sons, a youth of ten years old, accompanied by a servant, across the river on a matter of business. The appointed hour for his return arrived, but he did not appear. Hour after hour passed away, and nightfall drew on, but he came not. The last steamboat touched the pier, but he was not on board. I walked my room for hours in prayer, and in great agitation of mind, Keenly did I feel my lonely, helpless widowhood. Again and again I sought the Lord. After passing hours in this state of mental anxiety, I sent a brother in search, and soon after, all made their appearance. He had missed his way. The Lord heard a mother's prayer, and brought him in safety to me. After all had retired for the night, I was left alone with God. My mind and heart had been greatly exercised throughout the day. I felt deeply my helplessness and responsible situation. I thought, 'How can I, a helpless woman, care* for and train up these children to manhood?' I felt I should sink beneath the overwhelming conviction of my weakness and insufficiency. I paced my room in prayer, tried to take hold of a promise; but all was dark, the present and the future, as midnight. It was late before I retired to rest. In vain I endeavoured to console myself, sleep had forsaken me. Again I lifted up my heart in prayer. I tried to cease from thinking, and to close my eyelids, but in vain. All night I continued in prayer, until just before the dawn of day these words were spoken to my ear and heart, as if an audible voice had uttered them: '/ will be a Fattier to thy fatherless children.' I knew this voice, and could make no mistake. So powerful was it, I instantly replied aloud, 'O Lord, be Thou the Father of my fatherless, and my God!' Oh, the solemnity of that hour! I felt God was with me, and my soul was filled with joy and holy reverence. He had condescended to visit my lone room, and fill it with His presence. He had come to comfort His widowed child, and I was comforted. My soul poured out its grateful acknowledgments. I could adore, and praise, and bless His holy name. A solemn, sacred influence pervaded the place. God was with me of a truth. Fatigued with the anxieties of the day, and exhausted with the mental exercises through which I had passed the night, I composed myself to rest. The Lord withdrew, and my weary eyes were closed in refreshing sleep. Years have passed since then, and the Lord has not for one moment forgotten His promise. But I take the promise to extend beyond this poor dying world. Had the Lord given each of my children a world, and they should lose their souls, what would it profit them? I believe He designs to be their Father to all eternity, and then I shall meet all my children in heaven. How often have I gone and pleaded this promise before Him, and have always found my faith increased. And still my faith holds out: 'For He is faithful that has promised.'"

'From the moment God sealed upon her heart this special and remarkable promise, causing her to rest on His own veracity as the pledge of its fulfilment, she became animated as by a new and mighty impulse. Her natural spirits, unstrung by grief, and her mental powers, paralyzed by anxiety, now acquired fresh tone and energy. An overwhelming pressure of despondency and care seemed suddenly and entirely to be lifted from off her mind. Strengthened with might in the inner man, she cast her care on God; and, girding herself afresh for the arduous duties to which He now summoned her, with a calmness of judgment, a firmness of resolution, and a reliance of faith, equal to the dignity of her position, she cheerfully met and vigorously discharged all its claims. The promise thus given proved a sheet-anchor to her soul in many a subsequent hour of storm and cloud. And when at times—for such there were —the sentence of death seemed written upon it, her faith in God never faltered; giving to that promise, as she herself tells us, its widest range of meaning, she rose above the temporal blessing it involved, and claimed, as the only limit of its fulfilment, a Divine inheritance, a spiritual birthright, an eternal home for her orphan ones. She knew that she had to do with a Being, all whose resources of power, wisdom, and love were as boundless as His own infinity; who was not only a prayer-hearing and a prayer-answering, but also a prayer-exceeding God; and who in the bestowment of His blessings upon His people never gave less, but always more, than He had promised or than they had asked. She reasoned—and it was the logical reasoning of true faith—that if God, in the lone hours of that night of weeping and of prayer, had engaged to be a father to her fatherless children, that engagement bound Him to them as their heavenly Father. To this broad interpretation of the pledge she held Him, with a grasp which never for an instant relaxed. And when she died, it was in the firm, unfaltering faith of that promise. Not having received its complete fulfilment, but viewing it afar off, she was persuaded of it, embraced it, and closed her eyes with an undimmed, unshaken assurance that it would be even as God had said, and that she would meet again all the children He had given





Abbresses Delioereb at ttje (Early Celebration of

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By the Rev. J. R. MACDUFF—continued.

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A Book for Young Men. Crown Svo. 3s. 6d.

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By FELIX FRIENDLY. Square i6mo. Gilt edges, ls.6d.

(5olb anb tfye <50Spel; or, The Scriptural Duty of Giving in Proportion to Means and Income. Crown Svo. 2s. 6d.

A (Bleam Of £igl]t. By A. M. H. Contents ^LightForgivenessPeaceHumilityHopeFaith PatienceLove Affliction—Prayer—Praise—Spiritual Bondage— Jesus Christ The Holy Ghost the Comforter. i6mo. is.

James Nisbet and Co.

tEfye Culture Of Pleasure; or, The Enjoyment of Life in its Social and Religious Aspects. By the Author of" The Mirage of Life." Crown 8vo. y. 6d.

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E. A. L. Square i6mo. Gilt edges, 2s. 6d.

"One of the best of the many 'Daily Helps. "Christian.

Books published by

Hoyal (Brace anb £oYal (Sifts, By Frances Rid Ley

HA VERGAL. Being the following Seven Volumes in neat cloth case, price ios.

2tey King; or, Daily Thoughts for the King's Children.

Z?0\'al Commandments; or, Morning Thoughts for the King's

Hoyal Bounty; or, Evening Thoughts for the King's Guests.
CfjC Hoyal 3n"ttatton; Daily Thoughts on Coming to Christ.
Coyal Besponses; or, Daily Melodies for the King's Minstrels.
Kept for tlje Blaster's Use.

Starlight ttjrougfj ttje Stjaboros.

Each Volume may be had separately, price One Shilling.

By the same Author.

Ztiy King anb d\\s Serrrice: containing « My King;'

"Royal Bounty," and "Royal Commandments." In neat cloth case. 5-f.

IHoming Stars; or, Names ofChristfor His Little Ones, yimo. gd.

ZtToming 23ells; or, Waking Thoughts for the Little Ones,
y2mo. gd. Paper Cover, 6d.

Cittle PillOUJS; Being Good Night Thoughts for the Little
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3t>Y 'fsaDCS; Being Thoughts for a Month from Miss
HAVERGAL'S Poems. With elegant coloured borders.
i6mo. Cloth, is. Roan, is.

James Nisbet and Co.

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Cfje fourth IDatcI?.

32»w. iod.

Wessons on tfye Stanbarb-Bearers of tfye ©lb (Eesta=

merit. 5y SUSAN WARNER. i6mo. is.

(Eoening Stars. By Mrs. Evered Poole. pmo. gd.

(This volume is -written on the plan intended to have been carried out by Miss F. R. Havergal, as described in the Preface to " Morning Stars.")

Steps Cfjrougfy tfye Stream. Morning Readings for

aMonth. By Mrs. A.RUSSELL SIMPSON. Square i6mo. is. By the same Author.

Beautiful Upon tfye ITCOUntainS. Evening Readings for a Month. Square i6mo. is.

rDells of rDater. A Series of Chapters Descriptive and Practical on the Wells mentioned in Scripture. Square i6mo. is.

(Bates anb Doors. Square i6mo. is.

CEfye JPell is Deep; or, Scripture Illustrating Scripture. Arranged as Morning and Evening Bible Readings, for evety Day in the Year. y2mo. 2s. 6d.

Cife Cost Or SaDeb. By SELINA DITCHER. Crown Svo. 2s. 6d.

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fjeaoenly Opugfyts for 2Horning £}ours. selections

in Prose and Verse, with Passages from Scripture. With a Short Introduction. By the late Lady CATHERINE LONG. i6wo. 2s. 6d. cloth j 4s. 6d. silk.

By the same Author.

fjeaoenly Cfyougljts for €r>entng flours. 16m.

2s. 6d. cloth; 4-r. 6d. silk

SunrtSe (SleamS. A Series of Daily Readings for a Month. By Lady HOPE. i6mo. is.

By the same Author.

SllttSCt Ha^S. A Companion Volumeto "Sunrise Gleams:' i6mo. is.

"(Bob Untfy US "; or, The Believer's Portion. By ANNA SHIPTON. Crown Zvo. y &d.

By the same Author.

Oje tipper Springs anb tfye ZTetfyer Springs;

or, Life Hid with Christ in God. Crown Svo. 2s. 6d.

€r/e 23eliecer's portion. \ltno. 2d.

Daily Steps UpUJarb. Scripture Texts for Every Day oj the Year. i6mo. 2s. 6d.

Cfye Doice of 3esus 3)aY &Y ^aY. with original

Hymns. By F. M. MACRAE. And an Introduction by HUGH
MACMILLAN, D.D. Small Crown Svo. 2s.

Cfye 33rOOk 53eSOr. Words for those who must tarry at Home.
By ANDREW A. BONAR, D.D. i6mo. gd. Paper cover, (xl.

Prayers Compileb by a ^atfyer for tfye Use of ^is

<£I)ili>rcn. With Some Advice on Praying. i6mo. is.

James Nisbet and Co.

Counsels anb Cfyougfyts for Belieoers. By Thomas

MOOR. Crown %vo. 2s. 6d.

By the same Author.

Spiritual Crutl? for tfye Spiritual 2Hino of

23eIteKers. Crown %vo. 2s. 6d.

COUnSCl anb ITCigfyt: Prayers and Meditations. Adapted from Sermons by the Very Rev. C. J. VA UGH AN, D.D., Dean of Llandaff, and Master of the Temple. Compiled by R. N. C. Square i6mo. is.

Scattereb Seeb. A Religious Thought Book. By the Rev. fAMES RUSSELL, M.A. i6mo. is. 6d.

Seebs Of (EfyOUgbt. By Rev. W..TAIT, D.D. New Edition. With Preface by E. M. GOULBURN, D.D., Dean of Norwich. Crown Svo. 3s. 6d.

Cfye Christian's 3Ctt>els. Readings from the Fathers on Faith, Hope, and Charity. By the Rev. f. LEARY, D.C.L. i6mo. is. 6d.

fjeanenly Relationships. By Mary E. Beck. l6mo. is.

Contents:God, Our FatherTlie Maternal Aspect of God's
LoveChrist as Our BrotherChrist as Our FriendChrist the
Bridegroom of the ChurchChrist as Our KingChrist as Our
ShepherdThe Holy Ghost Our Coniforter.

A.bba, ^atfyer. Helps to Prayer and Meditation. By the Rev.
C. G. BASKERVILLE,M.A. Crown Svo. is.6d.

Sick Room ZHebitations; or, Alone with God. By the

Rev. J. CROSS, D.D., LL.D., Author of "Evangel," Src.

Oje rDibow's portion; or, Dally Bread for the Bereaved.
Royal Svo. 2s. 6d.

Books published by James Nisbet and Co.


"Oje morb" Series.

By SUSAN and ANNA WARNER, Authors of " The Wide,
Wide World," "Queechy," &*c. With Illustrations, Plain and
Coloured. Small crown %vo. 2s. 6d. each.

The aim of this series is so to set forth the Bible incidents and course of history, with its train of actors, as to see them in the circumstances and colouring, the light and shade of their actual existence. The Authors accordingly have taken whatever research and travel, with recent science and discovery, have made sure to fill up what is sketchy and clear up what is obscure; thus entering, as far as may he, into the simple truth of the things, the times and the actors.

Walks from <£ben: The

Scripture Story from the
Creation to the Death of

iv. Cfye 23roken Walls of
Jerusalem. Completing the
House of Israel, and the
Kingdom of Judah.

v. (Ehe Star out of 3<*cob:

The Scripture Story illustrating the Earlier Portion of the Gospel Narrative.

Ii. CIje fjouse of 3srael: The

Scripture Story from the
Birth of Isaac to the Death

in. (EBje Kingoom of 3uooli:

From the Death of Solomon
to the Captivity.

"More real knowledge in true child language, anil within the understanding oj children, it has never been our privilege to meet with before. We are disposed to envy those young friends who are fortunate enough to number them among their literary possessions, for although pre-eminently children's books, they are yet well able to impart instruction to children of a larger growth."Rock.

"There is a pleasant frcsh/tcss and reality conveyed to the old, well-worn stories which will make children understand the details of Eastern life and the manners and customs of the old pastoral times. 1 The Word' Series will be a charming gift to young people'' Athenaeum.

"We doubt whether any one has ever told 'the old, old story' more attractively, for children at least, than t/ie author of the ' Wide, Wide World.' Whatever fame she may have won by her works of fiction will be grea tly increased by her success in w> iting these marvellous stories."Christian World.