Hebrews 12:18

Ye are not come (ou proselhluqate). Perfect active indicative of prosercomai. There is no word here in the Greek for "a mount" like orei in verses Hebrews 20 22 (and Exodus 19:12 ; Deuteronomy 4:11 ), but it is clearly understood since the dative participles agree with it unless they be taken as descriptive of puri ("a palpable and kindled fire " when puri would be the dative case after proselhluqate). That might be touched (pshlapwmenwi). Present passive participle (dative case) of pshlapaw, old verb to handle, to touch ( Luke 24:39 ). That burned with fire (kekaumenwi puri). Perfect passive participle of kaiw, old verb to burn, with instrumental case puri (fire), unless the other view (above) is correct.