Hebrews 12:17

Ye know (iste). Regular form for the second person of oida rather than the Koin oidate. He was rejected (apedokimasqh). First aorist passive indicative of apodokimazw, old verb to disapprove ( Matthew 21:42 ). Place of repentance (metanoia topon). Metanoia is change of mind and purpose, not sorrow though he had tears (meta dakruwn) afterwards as told in Genesis 27:38 . He sought it (authn, the blessing eulogian) with tears, but in vain. There was no change of mind in Isaac. The choice was irrevocable as Isaac shows ( Genesis 27:33 ). Esau is a tragic example of one who does a wilful sin which allows no second chance ( Hebrews 6:6 ; Hebrews 10:26 ). The author presses the case of Esau as a warning to the Christians who were tempted to give up Christ.