Hebrews 12:19

Unto blackness (gnopwi). Dative case of gnopo (late form for earlier dnopo and kin to nepo, cloud), here only in N.T. Quoted here from Exodus 10:22 . Darkness (zopwi). Old word, in Homer for the gloom of the world below. In the Symmachus Version of Exodus 10:22 , also in Jude 1:6 ; 2 Peter 2:4 2 Peter 2:15 . Tempest (quellh). Old word from quw (to boil, to rage), a hurricane, here only in N.T. From Exodus 10:22 . The sound of a trumpet (salpiggo hcwi). From Exodus 19:16 . Eco is an old word (our eco) as in Luke 21:25 ; Acts 2:2 . The voice of words (pwnh rhmatwn). From Exodus 19:19 ; Deuteronomy 4:12 . Which voice (h). Relative referring to pwnh (voice) just before, genitive case with akousante (heard, aorist active participle). Intreated (parhthsanto). First aorist middle (indirect) indicative of paraiteomai, old verb, to ask from alongside ( Mark 15:6 ), then to beg away from oneself, to depreciate as here, to decline ( Acts 25:11 ), to excuse ( Luke 14:18 ), to avoid ( 1 Timothy 4:7 ). That no word should be spoken unto them (prosteqhnai autoi logon). First aorist passive infinitive of prostiqhmi, old word to add, here with accusative of general reference (logon), "that no word be added unto them." Some MSS. have here a redundant negative mh with the infinitive because of the negative idea in parhthsanto as in Galatians 5:7 .