Numbers 23:15-25 CSB

15 Balaam said to Balak, "Stay here by your burnt offering while I seek [the Lord] over there."
16 The Lord met with Balaam and put a message in his mouth. Then He said, "Return to Balak and say what I tell you."
17 So he returned to Balak, who was standing there by his burnt offering with the officials of Moab. Balak asked him, "What did the Lord say?"
18 Balaam proclaimed his poem: Balak, get up and listen; son of Zippor, pay attention to what I say!
19 God is not a man who lies, or a son of man who changes His mind. Does He speak and not act, or promise and not fulfill?a

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    • h 23:19 - 1 Sm 15:29; Rm 11:29; 2 Tm 2:13; Heb 6:17-18
      20 I have indeed received [a command] to bless; since He has blessed,b I cannot change it.

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        • i 23:20 - Sam, LXX read since I will bless
          21 He considers no disaster for Jacob; He sees no trouble for Israel.c The Lord their God is with them, d and there is rejoicing over the King among them.

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            • j 23:21 - Or He does not observe sin in Jacob; He does not see wrongdoing in Israel, or Disaster is not observed in Jacob; trouble is not seen in Israel
            • k 23:21 - Dt 2:7; 20:1; Jos 1:17; Zph 3:17; Rv 21:3
              22 God brought them out of Egypt; He is like the horns of a wild ox for them.e f

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                • l 23:22 - Or Egypt; they have the horns of a wild ox
                • m 23:22 - Nm 24:8
                  23 There is no magic curse against Jacob and no divination against Israel. It will now be said about Jacob and Israel, "What [great things] God has done!"
                  24 A people rise up like a lioness; They rouse themselves like a lion.g They will not lie down until they devour the prey and drink the blood of the slain.

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                      25 Then Balak told Balaam, "Don't curse them and don't bless them!"