This chapter gives an account of the sacrifices offered by Balak and
Balaam, and how God met Balsam, and put a word into his mouth, which
he delivered in the presence of the king of Moab and his princes,
\\#Nu 23:1-7\\, the substance of which are, the separate state and
condition of Israel from other nations, their number, and the
happiness of the righteous at death, \\#Nu 23:8-10\\, which made
Balak uneasy, since instead of cursing he blessed Israel, and
therefore he had him to another place to take a view of the people,
\\#Nu 23:11-13\\ where having offered sacrifices, another word
was put into the mouth of Balaam, and which he also delivered
before the king and his nobles, \\#Nu 23:14-18\\, in which were
expressed the unchangeableness of God, the irreversibleness of the
blessing of Israel, the strength, safety, happiness, and glory of
that people, \\#Nu 23:19-24\\ which made Balak more uneasy still; but
willing to try him a third time, he carried him to another place, and
there built altars, and offered sacrifices, the consequence of which
is related in the next chapter, \\#Nu 23:25-30\\.