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1 Corinthians 10:23 DBY

23 All things are lawful, but all are not profitable; all things are lawful, but all do not edify.

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  • a 10:2 - The middle form of the verb, which has a reflexive force. It is when an act returns back in its effect on oneself: see Note e, Heb. 1.3. Paul was to act thus in Acts 22.16; not to baptise himself, that would be active; but 'get baptised.' They passed through the sea and so got baptised. There was no action of course of a baptiser here, hence the middle voice.
  • b 10:7 - See Ex. 32.6.
  • c 10:16 - Or 'fellowship,' koinonia, as ch. 1.9; Acts 2.42.
  • d 10:16 - Or 'fellowship,' koinonia, as ch. 1.9; Acts 2.42.
  • e 10:17 - Or 'bread.'
  • f 10:22 - See Deut. 32.16,21.
  • g 10:28 - Or 'to a god.'
  • h 10:29 - 'Are lawful' is the verb, of which exousia, the word translated 'right' or 'liberty' in ch. 8.9, and 'power' in Matt. 10.1, is the noun. The word translated 'liberty' in v. 29 is different, and is opposed to 'bondage,' as in John 8.32,36; 2Cor. 3.17; Gal. 5.13.
  • i 10:30 - Metecho, see Note q, Heb. 2.14.
  • j 10:32 - Lit. 'be offenceless (no occasion to stumble) to both Jews and Greeks and the assembly of God.' The Greek is stronger in style than English.