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2 Peter 3:5 DBY

5 For this is hidden from them through their own wilfulness, that heavens were of old, and an earth, having its subsistence out of water and in water, by the word of God,

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  • a 3:4 - Or 'as they were.' For this rendering as the practical sense, see 'as he was,' John 4.6. The force is the present state: as that they have continued.
  • b 3:7 - Lit. 'the now heavens,' in contrast to the 'then world,' ver. 6.
  • c 3:9 - 'Purposing,' as Jas. 1.18.
  • d 3:11 - Conversation (manner of life) and godliness are both plural in Greek.
  • e 3:12 - The absence of the article is poetic here, 'because of which inflamed heavens shall be dissolved, and burning elements shall melt.'
  • f 3:17 - Ginosko, as ver. 3; ch. 1.20. It is oida in ch. 1.12,14; 2.9: see 1Cor. 8.1.