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Acts 15:5 DBY

5 And some of those who were of the sect of the Pharisees, who believed, rose up from among [them], saying that they ought to circumcise them and enjoin them to keep the law of Moses.

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  • a 15:4 - 'Received gladly,' or 'with welcome:' see Luke 8.40.
  • b 15:7 - Lit. 'from ancient.'
  • c 15:9 - Lit. 'both us.'
  • d 15:10 - The infinitive, equivalent to 'in putting.' It is explanatory of what precedes.
  • e 15:13 - Lit. 'Men brethren:' as ch. 1.16, so ver. 13.
  • f 15:15 - See Amos 9.11.
  • g 15:20 - Or 'and of fornication, and of what is strangled, and of blood.'
  • h 15:23 - Probably 'The apostles and the elder brethren to,' &c.
  • i 15:25 - Or, perhaps, 'assembled with one accord.' I have said 'having arrived at a common judgment' to give the sense of the Greek. 'Having come to one accord' would look like previous disunion. The fact of having arrived at one mind is here stated.
  • j 15:34 - Ver. 34 A.V. is not in the best MSS.