Hebrews 3:3 DBY

3 For *he* has been counted worthy of greater glory than Moses, by how much he that has built it has more honour than the house.

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  • a 3:1 - Here metochos, who have been made, called to be, partakers of it. They had been koinonoi of Israel's rights. See ch. 2.14.
  • b 3:2 - See Num. 12.7.
  • c 3:6 - That is, God's house, in which Moses was faithful as a ministering servant. The contrast is with 'Moses as a servant in,' and 'Christ as a Son over.' The Father is not brought in as such at all, but the Son is over the house as Son. The connection with its being God's house is evident, because he (Christ) has built the house, ver. 3, and he who built all things is God; but he is over it as Son.
  • d 3:7 - See Ps. 95.7-11.
  • e 3:11 - A Hebraism involving a strong negative. Compare Num. 14.23; Mark 8.12.
  • f 3:14 - Metochos, as ch. 1.9 (quoting Ps. 45.7), to which it alludes. It is not 'partakers of Christ.'
  • g 3:15 - I have no doubt, in spite of objections, that 16-19 is a parenthesis.
  • h 3:16 - Or 'was it not indeed.'
  • i 3:17 - Lit. 'limbs:' often used for a carcase. Some suppose the idea of the body falling to pieces.