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James 4:6 DBY

6 But he gives more grace. Wherefore he says, God sets himself against [the] proud, but gives grace to [the] lowly.

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    • d 4:6 - See Prov. 3.34.

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      • a 4:1 - Lit. 'pleasures,' not 'lusts;' there is an additional idea, the satisfaction the heart feels in satisfying, or rather gratifying, lust: see Tit. 3.3.
      • b 4:4 - Lit. 'the friendship of the world is enmity of God;' but it is the state as between the parties, in English 'with.' In what follows, the same construction in Greek, it is taken up as 'our state towards' God, but this is warning to conscience.
      • c 4:5 - I have, with some hesitation, translated this passage as above. I cannot find that the Greek word is used in a good or holy sense of jealousy. The application to what precedes is evident.
      • d 4:6 - See Prov. 3.34.
      • e 4:10 - 'Have it done,' not 'be doing it;' the aorist tense. All the imperatives (ten) from vers. 7 to 10 are in the aorist.
      • f 4:12 - Lit. 'the neighbour.'
      • g 4:14 - 'Who are such as do not.'