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Mark 10:1 DBY

1 And rising up thence he comes into the coasts of Judaea, and the other side of the Jordan. And again crowds come together to him, and, as he was accustomed, again he taught them.

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  • a 10:8 - Lit. 'to' (eis) or 'for one flesh.' It corresponds to the Hebrew in Gen. 2.24: see Matt. 19.5.
  • b 10:16 - Some read 'blesses,' perhaps rightly, but the word is a strong one: 'blesses them abundantly.'
  • c 10:29 - Or 'glad tidings,' as elsewhere.
  • d 10:37 - Or 'that in thy glory we may sit: one on thy right hand, and one on thy left hand.' Or 'that we may sit in thy glory,' &c.
  • e 10:40 - Or perhaps 'to:' so Matt. 20.23. But the emphasis is on the words 'not mine to give;' wonderful perfectness and lowliness of the Lord! 'It is not mine to give,' is a complete phrase followed by the separate statement, 'but it is reserved for those for whom it is prepared:' it is for them, appropriated to them.
  • f 10:45 - Diakoneo: as Matt. 4.11.
  • g 10:47 - Lit. 'is.'
  • h 10:51 - See John 20.16.