Mark 10:1

Mark 10:1

And he arose from thence
From Galilee, and particularly from Capernaum:

and cometh into the coasts of Judea;
into those places, which bordered on that part of the land of Israel, called Judea, as distinct from Galilee:

or rather "to"

the further side of Jordan;
which he crossed at the bridge of Chammath: the particular place he came to was Bethabara; see ( John 10:40 ) ( 1:28 ) : where John formerly preached, and baptized:

and the people resorted unto him again;
great multitudes followed him out of Galilee, and more doubtless flocked to him from the adjacent parts, when they heard of his coming again to them.

And, as he was wont, he taught them again:
it had been his custom before, and so it was wherever he went, to preach the word of God, and teach men what was profitable to them, and useful for the good of their immortal souls; and so he did now, and here: and not only so, but healed many of them of their bodily disorders, as Matthew relates, ( Matthew 19:2 ) .