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Matthew 10:34 DBY

34 Do not think that I have come to send peace upon the earth: I have not come to send peace, but a sword.

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  • a 10:1 - Or 'authority:' exousia not dunamis. More than authority, but not simply dunamis; it is more than dunamis, as it includes the right to exercise this. Hence 'power' is nearer to it in English: dunamis is the ability to do a thing. Cf. Luke 4.36.
  • b 10:4 - Very probably the Hebrew word for the Greek term Zelotes, 'Zealot:' see Luke 6.15.
  • c 10:5 - Absence of the article in the original gives the force of 'any.'
  • d 10:12 - Lit. 'the:' it hardly alludes to the house in ver. 11, for ver. 13 seems to preclude this. It is going into the house, in contrast with the street.
  • e 10:17 - Local Jewish tribunals.
  • f 10:21 - Or 'bring about their death.' See Note at Mark 13.12.
  • g 10:24 - There is no article in the original, but 'disciple' and 'bondman' come after the verb and are characteristic.
  • h 10:25 - The word suggests the giving of a surname or nickname.
  • i 10:27 - i.e. upon the terraced roofs.
  • j 10:28 - Here, and in the parallel passage, Luke 12.4, we have apo, 'from.' It is not so used elsewhere that I know of in the New Testament. Here it may have the force of 'shrinking from through fear.'
  • k 10:28 - Gehenna.
  • l 10:29 - Lit. assarion: the value of an assarion is not exactly known: it was very small.