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Search our collection of popular Bible dictionaries for the meaning of words found in the Bible. Our comprehensive dictionary combines definitions and proper names for Biblical words with online verse reference, allowing users to define and analyze Scripture. Use the search box above to type in a specific word or use the Search by Subject Letter feature to browse all of the Biblical words in our online dictionary.

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Cab Cabbon Cabin Cabins Cabul Caddis Cades Cades-Barne Caesar Caesara Philippi Caesarea Caesarea Philippi Caesar's Household Cage Caiaphas Cain Cainan Caiphas Cake Calah Calamity Calamolalus Calamus Calcol Calcol; Chalkol Caldron Caleb Caleb-Ephratah Caleb-Ephrathah Calendar Calf Calf, Golden Calf-Idol Calf Image Calitas Calker Calkers Call Call, Calling Calling Callisthenes Calneh Calneh; Calno Calno Calphi Calvary Calves, Of The Lips Cambyses Camel Camel's Hair Camon Camp Camphire Cana Canaan Canaan; Canaanites Canaanite Canaanites Canaanitess Canaanites, The Canaanite, The Canaan, The land of Canaan, the language of Canals Cananaean Cananaean; Canaanite Cana, Of Galilee Candace Candle Candle; Candlestick Candlestick Candlestick, The Golden Cane Canker Cankered Cankerworm Canker-Worm Canneh Canon Canon of Scripture, The Canon Of The New Testament Canon Of The Old Testament, I Canon Of The Old Testament, Ii Canopy Canticles Caperberry Capernaum Caph Caphar Capharsalama Caphenatha Caphira Caphthorim Caphtor Caphtor, Caphtorim Caphtor; Caphtorim Cappadocia Cappadocia, Cappadocians Capstone Captain Captive Captivities of the Jews Captivity Captivity Epistles Car Carabasion Caravan Caravansary Carbuncle Carcas Carcase Carcass; Carcase Carchemish Care Careah Care; Carefulness; Careful Careful; Carefulness Carefully Careless; Carelessly Carem Caria Carites Carmanians Carme Carmel Carmelite Carmelitess Carmi Carmonians Carnaim Carnal Carnion Carousings Carpenter Carpus Carriage Carriages Carry Carshena Cart Carve Carving Casdim Case Casement Casiphia Casluhim Casphon Casphor Caspin; Caspis Cassia Cast Castanets Cast angle Castaway Castle Castor and Pollux Castor And Pollux Cat Catechist; Catechumen Caterpillar Catholic epistles Catholic Epistles Cathua Cattle Cauda Caul Cauls Cause Causeway Causeway; Causey Cave Cease Cedar Cedron Ceilan Ceiled; Ceiling Ceiling Celebrate Celebrate, Celebration Celestial Cellar Celosyria Cenchrea Cenchreae Cendebaeus Censer Census Centurion Cephas Ceras Ceremonial Law Certain; Certainly; Certainty Certify Cesar Cesarea Cetab Chabris Chadias, They Of; Chadiasai Chaereas Chafe Chaff Chain Chain; Chains Chair Chalcedony Chalcol Chaldea Chaldea; Chaldeans Chaldeans Chaldee language Chaldees Chalkstone Chalk stones Challenge Chalphi Chamber Chambering Chamberlain Chamber, Roof Chambers In The Heavens Chambers In The South Chambers Of Imagery Chameleon Chamois Champaign Champion Chanaan Chanaan; Chanaanite Chance Chancellor Change Change Of Raiment Changer Changes of raiment Channel Chant Chanuneus Chapel Chaphenatha Chapiter Chapman Chapmen Chapt Chapter Charaathalan Characa Charashim Charashim, The valley of Charax; Characa Charchemish Charchus Charea Charge; Chargeable Charged Charger Charges Chariot Chariots Of The Sun Charitably Charity Charm Charme Charmer Charmis Charran Chase Chaseba Chaste Chaste; Chastity Chasten Chastening; Chastisement Chatter Chavah Cheani Chebar Chebel Check Checker-Work; (Network) Chedorlaomer Cheek Cheek; Cheekbone Cheek Teeth Cheer; Cheerfulness Cheese Chelal Chelcias Chellians Chelluh Chellus Chelod Chelub Chelubai Cheluhi Chemarim Chemarims Chemarim, The Chemosh Chenaanah Chenaiah Chenani Chenaniah Chephar-Ammoni Chephar-Haammonai Chephar-Haamoni Chephirah Cheran Cherethim Cherethims Cherethites Cherish Cherith Cherith, The brook Cherith, The Brook Cherub Cherub, Cherubim Cherubic, Forms In The Constellations Cherubim Chesalon Chesed Chesil Chesnut Chest Chestnut tree Chestnut, Tree Chesulloth Cheth Chettiim Chew; Cud Chezib Chicken Chide Chidon Chidon, The Threshing-Floor Of Chief Chief Friends; Good Men Chief Musician Chief of the three Chief priest Chief Seats Chiefs of Asia Child Child-Bearing Child, Children Child; Children Childhood, Gospels Of The Children Children Of Eden Children of God Children Of God Children Of Israel Children Of The Bridechamber Children Of The East Chileab Chiliab Chilion Chillon Chilmad Chimham Chimhan Chimney Chinnereth Chinnereth, Sea of Chinneroth Chios Chirp Chisleu Chisleu; Chislev Chislon Chisloth-tabor Chisloth-Tabor Chitlish Chittem Chittim Chittim, Kittim Chiun Chloe Choba; Chobai Choenix Choice Choke Chola Choler Choose Choose; Chosen Chop Chorashan Chor-ashan Chorazin Chorbe Chosamaeus Chosen Chosen One Chozeba Christ Christ as King Christ As King, Priest, Prophet Christ as Priest Christ as Prophet Christ, Christology Christ, Humanity Of Christian Christianity Christians, Names of Christ, Intercession Of Christ, Jesus Christ Messiah Christ, Offices Of Christology Christophany Christ, Person Of Christs Christs, False Christ, Temptation Of Christ, The Exaltation Of Chronicles Chronicles, Books of Chronicles, Books Of Chronicles, First and Second Books of Chronicles of king David Chronicles, Theology of Chronology Chronology Of The New Testament Chronology Of The Old Testament Chryoprase Chrysolite Chrysoprase; Chrysoprasus Chrysoprasus Chrysprasus Chub Chun Church Churches, Robbers Of Churches, Seven Church Government Churl Churlish Chushan-rishathaim Chushan-Rishathaim Chusi Chuza Chuzas Ciccar Cieled; Cieling Cilicia Cinnamon Cinnereth Cinneroth Cirama Circle Circuit Circumcision Circumspect, be Cis Cisai Cistern Cistern; Well; Pool; Aqueduct Citadel Cithern Cities Cities, Levitical Cities of refuge Cities Of Refuge Cities Of The Plain; Ciccar Cities, Store Citims Citizenship Citron City City, Golden City Of Confusion City Of David City Of Destruction City Of Palm Trees City Of Salt City Of Waters City, Royal City, Rulers Of Clamour Clap Clasps Clauda Claudia Claudius Claudius Lysias Clave Claw Clay Clean Cleanness of teeth Cleanse Clean, Unclean Clear; Clearness Cleave Cleaveth Cleft Cleft; Cliff; Clift Clemency Clement Cleopas Cleopatra Cleophas Clerk Cliff; Clift Clift Cloak Cloak; Cloke Clod Clopas; Cleophas Close Closet Cloth; Clothing Clothed Upon Clothes, Rending Of Clothing Cloud Cloud, Cloud of the Lord Cloud, Pillar of Cloud, Pillar Of Clout Clouted Clouts Cloven Club Cluster Cnidus Coal Coast Coat Coat of mail Coat Of Mail Cock Cockatrice Cock-crowing Cock-Crowing Cocker Cockle Code Of Hammurabi Coele-Syria Coffer Coffin Cogitation Cogitations Cohort Coin Coins Cola Cold Colhozeh Col-hozeh Col-Hozeh Colius Collar Collection College College, The Collop Colony Color; Colors Colors Color, Symbolic Meaning of Colossae Colosse Colossians, Epistle To The Colossians, Theology of Colour Colt; Foal Come Comeliness; Comely Comfort Comfortably Comforter Comfortless Coming of Christ Coming Of Christ Coming, Second Command, Commandment Commandment; Commandments Commandments, the Ten Commandments, The Ten Commandment, The New Command, New Commend Commentaries Commentaries, Hebrew Commentary Commerce Commission, The Great Commit Commodious Common Commonwealth Commune; Communicate; Communication Communicate Communion Communion; (Fellowship) Communion With Demons; Devils Community Community Of Goods Compact; Compacted Company Comparative Religion Compare Compass Compass; Compasses Compassion Compel Complaining Complete Composition; Compound Comprehend Conaniah Conceal Conceit Conception; Conceive Conception, Immaculate Concerning Concision Conclude Concluded Conclusion Concord Concordance Concourse Concubinage Concubine Concupiscence Condemnation Condemn; Condemnation Condescend Condescension, Of Christ Conduct Conduit Coney Confection Confectionaries Confection; Confectionary Confederate; Confederacy Confer Confer; Conference Confess, Confession Confession Confidence Confirm; Confirmation Confiscation Conflict Conform; Conformable Confound Confusion Confusion Of Tongues Congregation Congregation, Mount Of Coniah Cononiah Conqueror Conquest of Canaan Conscience Consecrate Consecrate; Consecration Consecration Consent Consider Consist Consolation Consolation of Israel Consort Conspiracy Constant; Constantly Constellation Constellations Constrain Consult Consume Consummation Consumption Contain Contemn Contemptible Contend; Contention Content; Contentment Contentious Contentment Continency Continual; Continually Continuance Contradiction Contrary Contribution Contrite Contrite; Contrition Controversy Convenient Convent Conversant Conversation Conversion Convert, Conversion Convict; Conviction Convince Convinceth Convocation Convulsing Cook Cooking Cool Coos Coping Copper Coptic Versions Cor Coral Cor-Ashan Corban Corbe Cord Cords, Small Core Coriander Corinth Corinthians, First and Second, Theology of Corinthians, First Epistle To The Corinthians, Second Epistle To The Corinthus Cormorant Corn Cornelius Corner Corner Gate Corners Of The Earth Cornerstone Corner-stone Corner-Stone Cornet Cornfloor Coronation Corpse Correction Corruption Corruption, Mount Of Cos Cosam Cosmogony Cosmology Costliness Cote Cotes Cottage Cotton Couch Couching-Place Coulter Council Council; Councillor Counsel; Counsellor Counsellor Counselor Count Countenance Counter-Charm Counterfeit Countervail Country Countryman Couple Coupling Courage Course Course, by Course Of Priests And Levites Courses Court Court Of The Gentiles Court Of The Sabbath Court Of The Sanctuary; Tabernacle; Temple Courts, Judicial Cousin Coutha Covenant Covenant, Ark Of The Covenant, Book Of The Covenant, In The New Testament Covenant, In The Old Testament Covenant of Circumcision Covenant Of Salt Covenant, the New Covenant, The New Cover; Covering Covered Way Covering, For The Head Covering of the eyes Covert Covet Covetousness Cow Cow; Kine Coz Cozbi Cozeba Cracknel Craft; Craftiness; Crafty Crafts Crag Crane Crashing Crates Create Create, Creation Creation Creation, New Creator Creature Creature, Living Credit Creditor Creed; Creeds Creek Creeping Thing Cremation Crescens Crescents Crete Cretes Crib Cricket Crier Crime; Crimes Crimson Cripple Crisping-pin Crisping pins Crisping Pins Crispus Criticism Criticism And Archaeology Criticism Of The Bible Crocodile Crocodile, Land Crook-Backed Crooked Crooked Serpent Crop Cross Cross, Crucifixion Crossway Crown Crown of thorns Crown Of Thorns Crucifixion Cruel; Cruelty Crumb Cruse Cry, Crying Crystal Cub Cubit Cuckoo Cuckow; Cuckoo Cucumber Cucumbers Cud Culture Cumber; Cumbered Cumbered Cumbereth Cumi Cummin Cun Cunning Cup Cupbearer Cup-bearer Cupboard Curdle Cure; Cures Curious Curious arts Current Money Curse Curse, Accursed Curtain Cush Cushan Cushan-Rishathaim Cushi Cushion Cushite Cushite Woman; Ethiopian Woman Custody Custom Cut; Cutting Cuth Cutha Cuthah Cuth; Cuthah Cuthean; Cuthite Cut in sunder Cutting Cutting Asunder Cutting Off Cuttings [in the flesh] Cuttings In The Flesh Cyamon Cymbal Cymbal, Cymbals Cymbals Cypress Cyprians Cyprus Cyrama Cyrene Cyrenian; Cyrenians Cyrenius Cyria Cyrus The Camel Church, the Colossians, Epistle to the Colossians, The Epistle to the Congregation, mount of the Corinthians, First Epistle to the Corinthians, Second Epistle to the