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The word so rendered (dagan) in Genesis 27:28 Genesis 27:37 , Numbers 18:27 , Deuteronomy 28:51 , Lamentations 2:12 , is a general term representing all the commodities we usually describe by the words corn, grain, seeds, peas, beans. With this corresponds the use of the word in John 12:24 .

In Genesis 41:35 Genesis 41:49 , Proverbs 11:26 , Joel 2:24 ("wheat"), the word thus translated (bar; i.e., "winnowed") means corn purified from chaff. With this corresponds the use of the word in the New Testament ( Matthew 3:12 ; Luke 3:17 ; Acts 7:12 ). In Psalms 65:13 it means "growing corn."

In Genesis 42:1 Genesis 42:2 Genesis 42:19 , Joshua 9:14 , Nehemiah 10:31 ("victuals"), the word (sheber; i.e., "broken," i.e., grist) denotes generally victuals, provisions, and corn as a principal article of food.

From the time of Solomon, corn began to be exported from Palestine ( Ezekiel 27:17 ; Amos 8:5 ). "Plenty of corn" was a part of Issac's blessing conferred upon Jacob ( Genesis 27:28 ; Compare Psalms 65:13 ).

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Corn. [N] [E]

The most common kinds were wheat, barley, spelt, Authorized Version, ( Exodus 9:32 ) and Isai 28:25 "rye;" ( Ezekiel 4:9 ) "fitches" and millet; oats are mentioned only by rabbinical writers. Our Indian corn was unknown in Bible times. Corn-crops are still reckoned at twentyfold what was sown, and were anciently much more. ( Genesis 41:22 ) The Jewish law permitted any one in passing through a filed of standing corn to pluck and eat. ( 23:25 ) see also Matt 12:1 From Solomons time, ( 2 Chronicles 2:10 2 Chronicles 2:15 ) as agriculture became developed under a settled government, Palestine was a corn-exporting country, and her grain was largely taken by her commercial neighbor Tyre. ( Ezekiel 27:17 ) comp. Amos 8:5

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korn (daghan; sitos):

A word used for cereals generally (Genesis 27:28,37, etc., the King James Version) much as our English word "corn." the American Standard Revised Version almost invariably substitutes "grain" for "corn." The latter may be taken to include

(1) barley,

(2) wheat,

(3) fitches (vetches),

(4) lentils,

(5) beans,

(6) millet,

(7) rye--the wrong translation for vetches,

(8) pulse--for all these see separate articles.

Rye and oats are not cultivated in Palestine For many references to corn see AGRICULTURE; FOOD. "A corn kokkos, the Revised Version (British and American) "grain" of wheat" is mentioned (John 12:24).

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