Carpenter [S]

an artificer in stone, iron, and copper, as well as in wood ( 2 Samuel 5:11 ; 1 Chronicles 14:1 ; Mark 6:3 ). The tools used by carpenters are mentioned in 1 Samuel 13:19 1 Samuel 13:20 ; Judges 4:21 ; Isaiah 10:15 ; 44:13 . It was said of our Lord, "Is not this the carpenter's son?" ( Matthew 13:55 ); also, "Is not this the carpenter?" ( Mark 6:3 ). Every Jew, even the rabbis, learned some handicraft: Paul was a tentmaker. "In the cities the carpenters would be Greeks, and skilled workmen; the carpenter of a provincial village could only have held a very humble position, and secured a very moderate competence."

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Carpenter. [E]

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kar'-pen-ter (charash; tekton):

This word, which is a general word for graver or craftsman, is translated "carpenter" in 2 Kings 22:6; 2 Chronicles 24:12; Ezra 3:7; Isaiah 41:7. The same word is rendered "craftsman" in the American Standard Revised Version of Jeremiah 24:1 and Jeremiah 29:2 and "smith" in the American Standard Revised Version of Zechariah 1:20. In 2 Samuel 5:11; 2 Kings 12:11; 1 Chronicles 14:1; and Isaiah 44:13, charash occurs with `ets (wood), and is more exactly translated "carpenter" or "worker in wood." Tekton, the corresponding Greek word for artificer, is translated "carpenter" in Matthew 13:55 and Mark 6:3.


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