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Search our collection of popular Bible dictionaries for the meaning of words found in the Bible. Our comprehensive dictionary combines definitions and proper names for Biblical words with online verse reference, allowing users to define and analyze Scripture. Use the search box above to type in a specific word or use the Search by Subject Letter feature to browse all of the Biblical words in our online dictionary.

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Paarai Paara-i Pacatiana Pace Pachon Padan Padan-aram Paddan Paddan-Aram Paddle Padon Pagan Pagiel Pagi-el Pahath-moab Pahath-Moab Pai Paial Pain Painfulness Paint Painting Pair Palace Palaestra, Palestra Palal Palanquin Palestina Palestine Palestine, 1 Palestine, 2 Palestine, 3 Palestine Exploration, 1 Palestine Exploration, 2A Palestine Exploration, 2B Pallu Palluites Pallu, Palluites Palmer-worm Palmer-Worm Palm (Of The Hand) Palm tree Palm Tree Palm trees, The city of Palsy Palsy; Paralysis Palti Paltiel Pal-ti-el Paltite Pamphylia Pan Pannag Panoply Pap Paper Paper Reeds Paphos Paps Papyrus Papyrus, Vessels Of Parable Paraclete Paradise Parah Paralysis, Paralytic Paramour Paran Paran, El-paran Paran, El-Paran Paran, Mount Parbar Parcel Parched Parched Corn (Grain) Parched ground Parchment Parchments Pardon Parent Pare, (The Nails) Park Parlor Parlour Parmashta Parmenas Parnach Parnaeh Parosh Parousia Parshandatha Part Parthians Particular, Particularly Partition, The Middle Wall Of Partridge Paruah Parvaim Pasach Pas-dammim Pas-Dammim Pasdammin Paseah Pashhur, Pashur Pashur Passage Passing Of Mary, The Passion Passion, Gospel Of The Passion of Christ Passion, Passions Passover Pass, Passage, Passenger Pastor Pastoral Epistles Pasturage; Pasture Patara Pate Patheus Path; Pathway Pathros Pathrusim Patience Patmos Patriarch Patriarch; Patriachs Patriarchs, Testaments Of The Twelve Patrimony Patrobas Patroclus Pattern Pau Paul Pauline Theology Paul the Apostle Paul, The Apostle, 1 Paul, The Apostle, 2 Paul, The Apostle, 3 Paul, The Apostle, 4 Paul, The Apostle, 5 Paul, The Apostle, 6 Paulus Paulus, Sergius Paul, Voyage And Shipwreck Of Pavement Pavilion Paw Pe Peace Peacemaker Peace Offering Peace offerings Peacock Peacocks Pearl Peculiar Peculiarities of the Law of Moses Pedahel Pedahzur Pedaiah Pedarhzur Pedestal Pedias Pedigree Peeled Peel; Pill Peep Pekah Pekahiah Pekod Pelaiah Pelaliah Pelatiah Peleg Pelet Peleth Pelethites Pelias Pelican Pelicans Pelishtim Pelonite Pelonite, The Pen Pence; Penny Pencil Pendant Peniel Peninnah Penknife Penny Penny, Pennyworth Pension Pentapolis Pentateuch Pentateuch, 1 Pentateuch, 2A Pentateuch, 2B Pentateuch, 3 Pentateuch, The Pentateuch, The Samaritan Pentecost Penuel Penury People Peor Peradventure Peraea Perazim Perazim, Mount Perdition Peres Peresh Perez Perez; Pharez Perez-Uzza Perez-uzza Perez-uzzah Perfection Perfect, Perfection Perfect; Perfection Perform Perfume-Making Perfume; Perfumer Perfumes Perga Pergamos Pergamos; Pergamum Pergamum Perida Perizzite Perizzites Perizzite, The Perjury Perpetual; Perpetually; Perpetuity Persecute Persecution Persepolis Perseus Perseverance Perseverance of the saints Persia Persian Language And Literature (Ancient) Persian Religion (Ancient) Persians Persis Personality Person Of Christ, 1-3 Person Of Christ, 4-5 Person Of Christ, 4-8 Person, Personality Person, Personhood Persuade; Persuasion Peruda Perverse Pestilence Pestle Peter Peter, Apocalypse Of Peter, Epistles Of Peter, First Epistle of Peter, First, Theology of Peter, Gospel According To Peter, Second Epistle of Peter, Second, Theology of Peter, Simon Peter, The First Epistle Of Peter, The Second Epistle Of Pethahiah Pethor Pethuel Petition Petra Peulthai Peulthai; Peullethai Phaath Moab Phacareth Phaisur Phaldeus Phaleas Phalec Phalias Phallu Phalti Phaltiel Phalti-el Phalti Palti Phanuel Pharakim Pharaoh Pharaoh Hophra Pharaoh-Necoh Pharaohs daughter Pharaoh's Daughter Pharaohs daughters Pharaoh, The wife of Pharathon Phares Phares, Pharez Pharez Pharida Pharira Pharisees Pharosh Pharpar Pharzites Pharzites. The Phaseah Phaseah, Paseah Phaselis Phasiron Phassaron Phassurus Phebe Phenice Phenicia Pheresites Pherezite Phi-Beseth Phichol Phicol Philadelphia Philarches Philemon Philemon, Epistle to Philemon, Epistle To Philemon, The Epistle of Paul to Philemon, Theology of Philetus Philip Philippi Philippians, Epistle to Philippians, The Epistle To The Philippians, Theology of Philip the evangelist Philip, The Evangelist Philip, The Gospel Of Philistia Philistim Philistines Philistines, Lords Of The Philistines, Sea Of The Philo, Judaeus Philologus Philometor Philosophy Phinees Phinehas Phinoe Phlegon Phoebe Phoenice Phoenice, Phoenicia Phoenicia Phoenicia; Phoenicians Phoenix Phoros Phrurai Phrygia Phurah Phurim Phut Phut, Put Phuvah Phygellus Phygelus Phygelus; Phygellus Phylacteries Phylactery Phylarch Phylarches Physician Pi-beseth Pi-Beseth Picture Piece Piece of gold Piece Of Gold Piece Of Money Piece of silver Piece Of Silver Pieces Piety Pigeon Pi-hahiroth Pi-Hahiroth Pilate Pilate, Acts Of Pilate, Pontius Pilate; Pontius Pildash Pile Pileha Pilgrim; Pilgrimage Pilha Pill Pillar Pillar Of Salt Pillar, Plain Of The Pillars Of The Earth Pilled Pillow Pilot Piltai Pilta-i Pin Pine Pine tree Pine Tree Pining Sickness Pinion Pinnacle Pinon Pipe Pira Piram Pirathon Pirathonite Pirathon; Pirathonite Pisgah Pishon; Pison Pisidia Pison Pispa Pit Pitch Pitcher Pithom Pithon Pitiful Pity Place Place, Broad; High Plague Plagues Of Egypt Plagues, The ten Plague, The Plain Plain, Cities Of The Plain of Mamre Plain Of Moab Plain Of The Pillar Plain Of The Vineyards Plain; Plainly Plains Plaister Plaiting Plane Plane tree Plane Tree Planets Plank Plant, Plants Plaster Plastering Plate Platted Platter Play Plead Pleasure Pledge Pleiades Pleroma Plough Plow Plucking Off The Hair Plumb-Line; Plummet Pochereth Pochereth-Hazzebaim Poet Poetry Poetry, Hebrew Poetry, New Testament Points Poison Pole Policy Polished Poll Pollution Pollux Polygamy Pomegranate Pommel Pommels Pond Ponder Pontius Pontius Pilate Pontus Pool Pool; Pond; Reservoir Pools of Solomon Pools Of Solomon Poor Poor and Poverty, Theology of Poplar Population of the Earth in the Early Times Poratha Porch Porch, Portico, Solomon's Porch, Solomons Porcius Festus Porcupine Porphyry Porpoise Porter Portion; Part Port; Porter Posidonius Possession Possession, Demoniacal Possessions Possess; Possession Post Postdiluvian Chronology Pot Potentate Potiphar Poti-Phera Potipherah Potsherd Potsherd Gate Pottage Potter; Pottery Potters field Potter's Field Potters field, The Pottery Pound Poverty Powders Power Power Of Keys Powers Praetorian Guard Praetorium Praise Praltite, The Prating Prayer Prayer, Hours Of Prayer, Lord's Prayer Of Habakkuk Prayer Of Joseph Prayer Of Manasses Prayers Of Christ Preacher; Preaching Preach, Proclaim Precept Precious Precious Stones Precipitation Predestinated Predestination Preeminence Prefer Preparation Presbyter; Presbytery Presbytery Presence Presence of God Present Presently Presents President Presidents Press Pressfat Presume; Presumptuous; Presumptuously Prevent Prey Price Prick Pride Priest Priest, Christ as Priest, Christ As Priest, High Priesthood Priesthood In The New Testament Priest, Priesthood Priests And Levites Primitive Sacrifices Primogeniture Prince Prince, Princess Princess Princes, The Seven Principal Principalities Principality Principles Print; Printing; Printed Prisca Prisca; Priscilla Priscilla Prison Prison Garments Prison; Prisoner Prison, Spirits in Prison, Spirits In Privily Privy, (being privy to) Privy; Privily Prize Probation, Second Prochorus Proclamation Proclamation of the Law Proconsul Procurator Procureth Profane Profess; Profession Profound, (are profound) Progenitors Prognosticator Prognosticators, Monthly Prologue Prolong Promise Promised Land Proper Proper Names Property Property Given to Religion Prophecy Prophecy, Gift Of Prophecy; Prophets, 1 Prophecy; Prophets, 2 Prophecy; Prophets, 3 Prophecy; Prophets, 4 Prophesyings, False Prophet Prophet, Christ as Prophetess Prophet, False Prophet, Prophetess, Prophecy Prophet, The Old Propitiation Proportion Proportion of faith Proselyte Proseuche; Proseucha Prospect Prosperity Prostitution Prostration Protevangelium, Of James Prove Provender Proverb Proverbs, Book of Proverbs, The Book Of Proverbs, Theology of Providence Providence, 1 Providence, 2 Providence of God Province Provocation; Provoke Prudence; Prudent Pruning-Hook Psalm Psalms Psalms, Book of Psalms, Book Of Psalms, Imprecatory Psalms, Theology of Psalter, (Psalms), Of Solomon Psaltery Psaltiel Pseudo-Matthew, Gospel Of Psychology Ptolemaeus Ptolemais Ptolemee Ptolemy Pua Puah Puah; Puvah Publican Publius Pudens Puhites Puhites, The Pul Pulpit Pulse Punishment Punishment, Everlasting Punishments Punites Punites, The Punon Pur Purah Purchase Pure; Purely; Purity Purge Purification Purim Purim; Pur Purity Purloining Purosh Purple Purpose Purpose, Of God Pur, Purim Purse Purslain; Juice Purtenance Put Puteoli Puthites Putiel Puti-el Put, Phut Putrifying Puvah Pygarg Pyramid Pyrrhus Python The Peacock The Pelican Philippians, Epistle to the Pillar, Plain of the The Priesthood