the designation of one of David's heroes ( 2 Samuel 23:26 ); called also the Pelonite ( 1 Chronicles 11:27 ).

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pal'-tit (palTi (as Palti); The Septuagint has:

Codex Vaticanus Kelothei; Codex Alexandrinus Phellonei): The description occurs but once in this form and is then applied to Helez, one of David's 30 valiant men (2 Samuel 23:26). Helez' name, however, occurs in 1 Chronicles 11:27 and 27:10 as the "Pelonite." Doubtless there is some confusion of words. The word may be given as a patronymic of Palti, or it may designate a native of the village of Beth-pelet mentioned in Joshua 15:27 and Nehemiah 11:26 as being in Lower Judah. Helez, however, is described as "of the children of Ephraim" in 1 Chronicles 27:10.

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