Exodus 29:40-46 ESV

40 And with the first lamb a tenth seaha of fine flour mingled with a fourth of a hinb of beaten oil, and a fourth of a hin of wine for a drink offering.

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    • § 29:40 - A seah was about 7 quarts or 7.3 liters
    • ¨ 29:40 - A hin was about 4 quarts or 3.5 liters
      41 The other lamb you shall offer 1at twilight, and shall offer with it a grain offering and its drink offering, as 2in the morning, for a 3pleasing aroma, a food offering to the LORD.

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          42 It shall be a 4regular burnt offering throughout your generations at the entrance of the tent of meeting before the LORD, 5where I will meet with you, to speak to you there.

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          43 There I will meet with the people of Israel, and it shall be 6sanctified by my glory.

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          44 I will consecrate the tent of meeting and the altar. 7Aaron also and his sons I will consecrate to serve me as priests.

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          45 8I will dwell among the people of Israel and will be their God.

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          46 And they shall know that 9I am the LORD their God, who brought them out of the land of Egypt that I might dwell among them. I am the LORD their God.

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