This chapter gives an account of the form and order of the consecration
of Aaron and his sons to the priestly office; preparatory to which
Moses is ordered to take a young bullock, two rams, bread, cakes, and
wafers unleavened, and bring them and Aaron and his sons to the door of
the congregation, where the ceremony was to be publicly performed, and
which began with washing them, \\#Ex 29:1-4\\ and then proceeded by
putting on the priestly garments directed to be made in the preceding
chapter, first on Aaron, who also was anointed, \\#Ex 29:5-7\\ and then
upon his sons, \\#Ex 29:8,9\\ after which the bullock and the two rams
were to be slain, and orders are given what was to be done with their
blood, and the several parts of them, as well as with the cakes and
wafers, \\#Ex 29:10-23\\ and directions are given to make these wave
and heave offerings, \\#Ex 29:24-28\\ and that the garments of Aaron's
should be his son's that succeeded him, \\#Ex 29:29,30\\, and that the
flesh of the ram of consecration with the bread should be eaten by
Aaron and his sons and no other, \\#Ex 29:31-35\\, the altar also where
they were to officiate was to be cleansed, sanctified, and an atonement
made for it, \\#Ex 29:36,37\\ after which two lambs every day, morning
and evening, were to be offered on it in all succeeding generations,
\\#Ex 29:38-42\\, and the chapter is closed with a promise that the
Lord would meet with the children of Israel at the door of the
tabernacle of the congregation, and would sanctify the tabernacle, and
dwell among them, and be their God, \\#Ex 29:43-46\\.