Ezekiel 11:3-13 GNT

3 They say, "We will soon be building houses again. a The city is like a cooking pot, and we are like the meat in it, but at least it protects us from the fire.'

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    • v 11:3 - We will . . . again; [or] We won't be building houses any time soon.
      4 Now then, denounce them, mortal man."
      5 The spirit of the Lord took control of me, and the Lord told me to give the people this message: "People of Israel, I know what you are saying and what you are planning.
      6 You have murdered so many people here in the city that the streets are full of corpses.
      7 "So this is what I, the Sovereign Lord, am saying to you. This city is a cooking pot all right, but what is the meat? The corpses of those you have killed! You will not be here - I will throw you out of the city!
      8 Are you afraid of swords? I will bring soldiers with swords to attack you.
      9 I will take you out of the city and hand you over to foreigners. I have sentenced you to death,
      10 and you will be killed in battle in your own country. Then everyone will know that I am the Lord.
      11 This city will not protect you the way a pot protects the meat in it. I will punish you wherever you may be in the land of Israel.
      12 You will know that I am the Lord and that while you were keeping the laws of the neighboring nations, you were breaking [my ]laws and disobeying [my ]commands."
      13 While I was prophesying, Pelatiah dropped dead. I threw myself face downward on the ground and shouted, "No, Sovereign Lord! Are you going to kill everyone left in Israel?"