This chapter contains an account of the sins of the princes of Judah; a
prophecy of their destruction; some comfortable, promises respecting
those of the captivity; and the chapter is closed with the finishing of
the vision of the Lord's removing from Jerusalem; and the whole being
ended, the prophet related it to the men of the captivity. In \\#Eze 11:1\\;
the prophet, is shown five and twenty men, among whom were two he knew,
and are mentioned by name, and were princes of the people; and he is
told that these men devised mischief, and gave bad advice to the people,
\\#Eze 11:2,3\\; wherefore he is bid to prophesy against them,
\\#Eze 11:4\\; which he accordingly did, the Spirit of the Lord falling upon
him, \\#Eze 11:5\\; declaring that their secret evils were known, as well as
their public ones; and that, seeing they had multiplied their slain, and
had feared the sword, the sword should come upon them; some should fall
by it, and others should be carried captive; the consequence of which
would be, that God would be known, and his justice acknowledged, it
being what their sins deserved, \\#Eze 11:6-12\\; upon this prophecy being
delivered out, one of the princes before named died immediately; which
filled the prophet with great concern, and put him upon expostulating
with God, \\#Eze 11:13\\; wherefore, for his comfort, he is told, that
though the inhabitants of Jerusalem had insulted their brethren that
were carried captive, and looked upon the land of Israel as their own
possession, that God would be a little sanctuary to them; that he would
gather them out of all lands, and give them the land of Israel; that
they should come thither, and remove all idolatry from it, and should
have regenerating and renewing grace given them, to walk in the statutes
and ordinances of the Lord, by which they should appear to be his
people, and he to be their God, \\#Eze 11:14-20\\; but as for such that
continued in their abominable idolatries, these should receive a just
recompence of reward, \\#Eze 11:21\\; after which follows an account of the
entire removal of the glory of the Lord from the city of Jerusalem,
\\#Eze 11:22,23\\; and the prophet being, in vision, brought again to
Chaldea, reports the whole he had seen to them of the captivity,
\\#Eze 11:24,25\\.