Deuteronomy 4:37-48 GNTA

37 Because he loved your ancestors, he chose you, and by his great power he himself brought you out of Egypt.
38 As you advanced, he drove out nations greater and more powerful than you, so that he might bring you in and give you their land, the land which still belongs to you.
39 So remember today and never forget: the Lord is God in heaven and on earth. There is no other god.
40 Obey all his laws that I have given you today, and all will go well with you and your descendants. You will continue to live in the land that the Lord your God is giving you to be yours forever."
41 Then Moses set aside three cities east of the Jordan River 1

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    • 26 4:41 - 4.41-43 Js 20.8, 9.
      42 to which a man could escape and be safe if he had accidentally killed someone who had not been his enemy. He could escape to one of these cities and not be put to death.
      43 For the tribe of Reuben there was the city of Bezer, on the desert plateau; for the tribe of Gad there was Ramoth, in the territory of Gilead; and for the tribe of Manasseh there was Golan, in the territory of Bashan.
      44 Moses gave God's laws and teachings to the people of Israel.
      45 It was after they had come out of Egypt and were in the valley east of the Jordan River, opposite the town of Bethpeor, that he gave them these laws. This was in the territory that had belonged to King Sihon of the Amorites, who had ruled in the town of Heshbon. Moses and the people of Israel defeated him when they came out of Egypt.
      47 They occupied his land and the land of King Og of Bashan, the other Amorite king who lived east of the Jordan.
      48 This land extended from the town of Aroer, on the edge of the Arnon River, all the way north to Mount Sirion, a that is, Mount Hermon.

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        • e 4:48 - [One ancient translation] Sirion; [Hebrew] Sion.