This chapter contains an exhortation to Israel to keep the commands,
statutes, and judgments of God, urged from the superior excellency of
them to those of all other nations, \\#De 4:1-8\\, from the manner in
which they were delivered, out of the midst of fire, by a voice of
words, but no similitude seen, \\#De 4:9-15\\, and particularly
the Israelites are cautioned against idolatry, from the
consideration of the goodness of God to them, in bringing them out of
Egypt, \\#De 4:16-20\\, and the rather Moses is urgent upon them to be
diligent in their obedience to the laws of God, because he should
quickly be removed from them, \\#De 4:21-24\\, and should they be
disobedient to them, it would provoke the Lord to destroy them, or to
carry them captive into other lands, \\#De 4:25-28\\ though even then,
if they repented and sought the Lord, and became obedient, he would be
merciful to them, and not forsake them, \\#De 4:29-31\\ and they are
put in mind again of the amazing things God had done for them, in
speaking to them out of fire, and they alive; in bringing them out of
another nation, and driving out other nations to make room for them;
all which he improves, as so many arguments to move them to obedience
to the divine commands, \\#De 4:32-40\\ and then notice is taken of the
three cities of refuge, separated on this side Jordan, \\#De 4:41-43\\,
and the chapter is concluded with observing, that this is the law, and
these the testimonies, Moses declared and repeated to the children of
Israel in the country of Sihon and Og, who were delivered into their
hands, and their lands possessed by them, which laid them under fresh
obligations to yield obedience to God, \\#De 4:44-49\\.