Psalm 119:23-33 GW

23 Even though influential people plot against me, I reflect on your laws.
24 Indeed, your written instructions make me happy. They are my best friends.
25 I am close to death. Give me a new life as you promised.
26 I told you what I have done, and you answered me. Teach me your laws.
27 Help me understand your guiding principles so that I may reflect on your miracles.
28 I am drowning in tears. Strengthen me as you promised.
29 Turn me away from a life of lies. Graciously provide me with your teachings.
30 I have chosen a life of faithfulness. I have set your regulations in front of me.
31 I have clung tightly to your written instructions. O LORD, do not let me be put to shame.
32 I will eagerly pursue your commandments because you continue to increase my understanding.
33 Teach me, O LORD, how to live by your laws, and I will obey them to the end.