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Luke 2:10 - Interlinear Bible

10 But the angel said to them, " Do not be afraid; for behold, I bring you good news of great joy which will be for all the people;
kai; {CONJ} ei\pen {V-2AAI-3S} aujtoi'? {P-DPM} oJ {T-NSM} a~ggelo?, {N-NSM} Mh; {PRT} fobei'sqe, {V-PNM-2P} ijdou; {V-2AAM-2S} ga;r {CONJ} eujaggelivzomai {V-PMI-1S} uJmi'n {P-2DP} cara;n {N-ASF} megavlhn {A-ASF} h&ti? {R-NSF} e~stai {V-FXI-3S} panti; {A-DSM} tw'/ {T-DSM} law'/, {N-DSM}