Interlinear Bible Genesis 37:1-6

1 Now Jacob lived in the land where his father had sojourned, in the land of Canaan.
#,r,a.B#st0776 wyib'a#st01 yer.Wg.m#st04033 #,r,a.B b{q][;y#st03290 b,veY;w ? !;['n.K
2 These are the records of the generations of Jacob. Joseph, when seventeen * years of age, was pasturing the flock with his brothers while he was still a youth, along with the sons of Bilhah and the sons of Zilpah, his father's wives. And Joseph brought back a bad#st7451 report about them to their father.
her.f,[#st06240 -[;b.v -n,B @esw{y b{q][;y tw{d.l{T h,Lea ? a.Wh.w !a{C;B wy'x,a -t,a h,[{r h'y'h h'n'v#st08141 ? h'P.liz#st02153 yen.B -t,a.w h'h.lib#st01090 yen.B -t,a r;[;n#st05288 ? h'['r ~'t'BiD -t,a @esw{y aeb'Y;w wyib'a#st01 yev.n ? ~,hyib]a -l,a
3 Now Israel loved Joseph more than all his sons, because he was the son of his old age; and he made him a varicolored tunic.
-n,b -yiK wy'n'B -l'Kim @esw{y -t,a b;h'a lea'r.fIy.w#st03478 ? ~yiS;P t,n{t.K w{l h'f'[.w w{l a.Wh ~yinUq.z
4 His brothers saw that their father loved him more than all his brothers; and so they hated him and could not speak to him on friendly terms.
wy'x,a#st0251 -l'Kim ~,hyib]a#st01 b;h'a w{t{a -yiK wy'x,a .Wa.riY;w ? ~{l'v.l w{r.B;D .Wl.k'y a{l.w w{t{a .Wa.n.fiY;w
5 Then Joseph had a dream, and when he told it to his brothers, they hated him even more *.
.Wpisw{Y;w wy'x,a.l deG;Y;w ~w{l]x @esw{y ~{l]x;Y;w ? w{t{a a{n.f dw{[
6 He said to them, "Please listen to this dream which I have had;
h,Z;h ~w{l]x;h#st02472 a'n -.W[.miv ~,hyel]a r,ma{Y;w ? yiT.m'l'x r,v]a