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Jeremiah 48:21-31 (New International Version)

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21 Judgment has come to the plateau1-- to Holon,2 Jahzah3 and Mephaath,4 22 to Dibon,5 Nebo6 and Beth Diblathaim, 23 to Kiriathaim,7 Beth Gamul and Beth Meon,8 24 to Kerioth9 and Bozrah10-- to all the towns11 of Moab, far and near. 25 Moab's horna12 is cut off; her arm13 is broken," declares the LORD. 26 "Make her drunk,14 for she has defied15 the LORD. Let Moab wallow in her vomit;16 let her be an object of ridicule.17 27 Was not Israel the object of your ridicule?18 Was she caught among thieves,19 that you shake your head20 in scorn21 whenever you speak of her? 28 Abandon your towns and dwell among the rocks, you who live in Moab. Be like a dove22 that makes its nest at the mouth of a cave.23 29 "We have heard of Moab's pride24-- her overweening pride and conceit, her pride and arrogance and the haughtiness25 of her heart. 30 I know her insolence but it is futile," declares the LORD, "and her boasts26 accomplish nothing. 31 Therefore I wail27 over Moab, for all Moab I cry out, I moan for the men of Kir Hareseth.28
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