Jeremiah 48:30

30 I know her insolence but it is futile,” declares the LORD, “and her boasts accomplish nothing.

Jeremiah 48:30 in Other Translations

30 I know his wrath, saith the LORD; but it shall not be so; his lies shall not so effect it.
30 I know his insolence, declares the LORD; his boasts are false, his deeds are false.
30 I know about his insolence,” says the LORD, “but his boasts are empty— as empty as his deeds.
30 I know" - God's Decree - "his rooster-crowing pride, the inflated claims, the sheer nothingness of Moab.
30 I know his outburst. [This is]*The bracketed text has been added for clarity. the Lord's declaration. It is empty. His boast is empty.

Jeremiah 48:30 Meaning and Commentary

Jeremiah 48:30

I know his wrath, saith the Lord
Against the Jews, and other nations; what he has threatened to do unto them, and would do if not restrained: but [it shall] not [be] so;
as he has devised in his mind, and threatened in his wrath; all his swelling thoughts and big words shall come to nothing: his lies shall not so effect [it];
it shall not be according to his words; they will prove lies, and of no effect. Kimchi interprets it of the sons of Moab, who shall not be able to do what they thought to do; and Jarchi of his mighty ones; and the Targum of his nobles, paraphrasing it,

``and their nobles are not right, they do not as is becoming;''
perhaps it may be better understood of his diviners and soothsayers, as the word is used in ( Isaiah 44:25 ) ; and be rendered, "his diviners have not done right" F6; they have deceived him with their lying oracles; swelled him with pride; and brought him to ruin, he trusting to them.

F6 (wve Nk al wydb) "vaniloqui ejus non rectum fecerunt", Cocceius. So R. Sol. Urbin. Ohel Moed, fol. 38. 1.

Jeremiah 48:30 In-Context

28 Abandon your towns and dwell among the rocks, you who live in Moab. Be like a dove that makes its nest at the mouth of a cave.
29 “We have heard of Moab’s pride— how great is her arrogance!— of her insolence, her pride, her conceit and the haughtiness of her heart.
30 I know her insolence but it is futile,” declares the LORD, “and her boasts accomplish nothing.
31 Therefore I wail over Moab, for all Moab I cry out, I moan for the people of Kir Hareseth.
32 I weep for you, as Jazer weeps, you vines of Sibmah. Your branches spread as far as the sea ; they reached as far as Jazer. The destroyer has fallen on your ripened fruit and grapes.

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