This chapter contains a prophecy of the destruction of Moab, and of the
mourning that should be for it; and not only its destruction in general
is predicted, but particular places are mentioned, on which it should
fall, \\#Jer 48:1-5\\; the causes of which were their confidence in their
works and riches, their carnal ease and security, and their idolatry,
they should now be ashamed of, \\#Jer 48:6-13\\; and this destruction is
represented both as certain and as near, notwithstanding their mighty
warriors and choice young men, \\#Jer 48:14-17\\; and then other cities are
particularly named, that should share in the calamity, \\#Jer 48:18-25\\;
and all this because of their insolence to the Lord; their contempt of
his people; their pride, arrogance, and haughtiness; their wrath, and
their lies, \\#Jer 48:26-30\\; and this destruction is further exaggerated
by the lamentation of the prophet over Moab in general, and over
several particular cities; and by the lamentation of the inhabitants of
them, because of the spoiling of their vines, their fruits, and their
riches, \\#Jer 48:31-39\\; and this is confirmed by the Lord, as to the
swiftness of the enemy that should destroy them; the consternation and
fear that should seize them; the flight they should be put to; and the
consumption and captivity of them, \\#Jer 48:40-46\\; and the chapter is
concluded with a promise of the return of their captivity in the latter
day, \\#Jer 48:47\\.