Jeremiah 49:7-17 NIV

A Message About Edom

49:9-10pp -- Ob 5-6 49:14-16pp -- Ob 1-4

7 Concerning Edom:1 This is what the LORD Almighty says: "Is there no longer wisdom in Teman?2 Has counsel perished from the prudent? Has their wisdom decayed?

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8 Turn and flee, hide in deep caves,3 you who live in Dedan,4 for I will bring disaster on Esau at the time I punish him.

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9 If grape pickers came to you, would they not leave a few grapes? If thieves came during the night, would they not steal only as much as they wanted?
10 But I will strip Esau bare; I will uncover his hiding places,5 so that he cannot conceal himself. His children, relatives and neighbors will perish, and he will be no more.6

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11 Leave your orphans;7 I will protect their lives. Your widows8 too can trust in me."

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12 This is what the LORD says: "If those who do not deserve to drink the cup9 must drink it, why should you go unpunished?10 You will not go unpunished, but must drink it.

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13 I swear11 by myself," declares the LORD, "that Bozrah12 will become a ruin and an object of horror,13 of reproach14 and of cursing; and all its towns will be in ruins forever."15

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14 I have heard a message from the LORD: An envoy was sent to the nations to say, "Assemble yourselves to attack it! Rise up for battle!"
15 "Now I will make you small among the nations, despised among men.
16 The terror you inspire and the pride16 of your heart have deceived you, you who live in the clefts of the rocks,17 who occupy the heights of the hill. Though you build your nest18 as high as the eagle's, from there I will bring you down," declares the LORD.

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17 "Edom will become an object of horror;19 all who pass by will be appalled and will scoff because of all its wounds.20

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