Jeremiah 34:3-13 LEB

3 And you will not escape from his hand, but surely you will be captured, and into his hand you will be given, and {you will see the king of Babylon eye to eye},a and {you will speak face to face with him},b and [to] Babylon you will go.'

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    • κ 34:3 - Literally "your eyes shall see with the eyes of the king of Babylon"
    • λ 34:3 - Literally "his mouth shall speak with your mouth"
      4 However, hear the word of Yahweh, [O] Zedekiah, the king of Judah. Thus says Yahweh concerning you: 'You will not die by the sword.
      5 In peace you will die, and as [there was] burning for your ancestors,c the former kings who were {before you},d so they will burn for you, and they will lament for you, "Alas, lord!" For [the] word I have spoken,' {declares}e Yahweh." '"

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        • μ 34:5 - Or "fathers"
        • ν 34:5 - Literally "to the face of you"
        • ξ 34:5 - Literally "a declaration of"
          6 Then Jeremiah the prophet spoke to Zedekiah the king of Judah all these words in Jerusalem
          7 when the army of the king of Babylon [was] fighting against Jerusalem and against all the cities of Judah that were left over--Lachish and Azekah, for these remained among the cities of Judah, the cities of fortification.

          Zedekiah’s Covenant Concerning Slaves

          8 The word that came to Jeremiah from Yahweh after king Zedekiah {made}f a covenant with all the people who [were] in Jerusalem to proclaim release to them,

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            • ο 34:8 - Literally "cut"
              9 to let go each one his [male] slave and each one his female slave, the Hebrew and the free Hebrew, [so that] no one among the Judeansg [should] enslave his fellow countryman.

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                • π 34:9 - Hebrew "Judean"
                  10 And all the officials and all the people obeyed, who had entered into the covenant to let go each one his [male] slave and each one his female slave, not enslaving them again, and they obeyed and they let [them]h go.

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                    • ρ 34:10 - Here the direct object is supplied from context in the English translation
                      11 But {afterward}i they turned back and they brought back the [male] slaves and the female slaves whom they had let go free, and they subdued them as [male] slaves and female slaves.

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                        • ς 34:11 - Literally "after thus"
                          12 And the word of Yahweh came to Jeremiah from Yahweh, {saying},j

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                            • σ 34:12 - Literally "to say"
                              13 "Thus says Yahweh, the God of Israel: 'I {made}k a covenant with your ancestorsl on the day of my bringing them out from the land of Egypt, from [the] house of slaves, {saying},m

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                                • τ 34:13 - Literally "cut"
                                • υ 34:13 - Or "fathers"
                                • φ 34:13 - Literally "to say"