In this chapter is a prophecy of the taking and burning of Jerusalem;
of the captivity of Zedekiah king of Judah; and of the destruction of
the whole land, because of their breach of covenant to let servants go
free. The time of this prophecy is observed, \\#Jer 34:1,6,7\\; the
taking and burning of the city, \\#Jer 34:2\\; the carrying captive the
king, who yet should not die a violent death, but in peace, and should
have an honourable funeral, \\#Jer 34:3-5\\; the covenant the king,
princes, and people entered into, to let their servants go free,
according to the law of God, which was at first observed, and
afterwards retracted, \\#Jer 34:8-11\\; which conduct is taken notice of
and resented, \\#Jer 34:13-16\\; and they are threatened with the sore
judgments of God, sword, famine, pestilence, and captivity, the king,
princes, priests, and people; and with the destruction, not on of
Jerusalem, but of the rest of the cities of Judah, \\#Jer 34:17-22\\.