Proverbs 7:1-11 MSG

1 Dear friend, do what I tell you; treasure my careful instructions.
2 Do what I say and you'll live well. My teaching is as precious as your eyesight - guard it!
3 Write it out on the back of your hands; etch it on the chambers of your heart.
4 Talk to Wisdom as to a sister. Treat Insight as your companion.
5 They'll be with you to fend off the Temptress - that smooth-talking, honey-tongued Seductress.
6 As I stood at the window of my house looking out through the shutters,
7 Watching the mindless crowd stroll by, I spotted a young man without any sense
8 Arriving at the corner of the street where she lived, then turning up the path to her house.
9 It was dusk, the evening coming on, the darkness thickening into night.
10 Just then, a woman met him - she'd been lying in wait for him, dressed to seduce him.
11 Brazen and brash she was, restless and roaming, never at home,