Zechariah 6:2-12 MSG

2 The first chariot was drawn by red horses, the second chariot by black horses,
3 the third chariot by white horses, and the fourth chariot by dappled horses. All the horses were powerful.
4 I asked the Messenger-Angel, "Sir, what's the meaning here?"
5 The angel answered, "These are the four winds of heaven, which originate with the Master of the whole earth.
6 The black horses are headed north with the white ones right after them. The dappled horses are headed south."
7 The powerful horses galloped out, bursting with energy, eager to patrol through the earth. The Messenger-Angel commanded: "On your way! Survey the earth!" and they were off in every direction.
8 Then he called to me and said, "Look at them go! The ones going north are conveying a sense of my Spirit, serene and secure. No more trouble from that direction."
9 Then this Message from God came to me:
10 "Take up a collection from the exiles. Target Heldai, Tobiah, and Jedaiah. They've just arrived from Babylon. You'll find them at the home of Josiah son of Zephaniah.
11 Collect silver and gold from them and fashion crowns. Place one on the head of Joshua son of Jehozadak, the high priest,
12 and give him this message: