This chapter contains a vision of four chariots, and the explanation of
it; and an order to make crowns of gold and silver for certain uses
mentioned; and a famous prophecy concerning the Messiah as the builder
of the temple, the church. The chariots are described by their number,
four; by the place, the mountains, from whence they came out; and by the
different colour of the horses in each of them, \\#Zec 6:1-3\\ upon the
prophets inquiry what these were, an explanation is given of them; and
they are said to be the four spirits of the heavens; and are described
by their situation, standing before the Lord of the whole earth; by
their mission from him; by each of the places to which they were sent;
and by their success, or by the good effects produced, at least by some
of them, \\#Zec 6:4-8\\ then follows the order to make the crowns; and it is
declared what they should be made of, gold and silver; from whom they
were to be had, and who were to be concerned herein; and what was to be
done with them; they were to be put upon the head of Joshua the high
priest, \\#Zec 6:9-11\\ who, being an eminent type of Christ, a prophecy
concerning him is ordered to be delivered to him; who is described by
his name, the man, the Branch; by the place he should grow up from; by
the work he should do, building the temple of the Lord; by the glory he
should have on account of it; and by the offices of King, Priest, and
Prophet, he should execute, \\#Zec 6:12,13\\ and after this was done, then
the crowns were to be laid up in the temple of the Lord for a memorial,
by the four men above mentioned, \\#Zec 6:14\\ and though the Messiah
is the chief builder of the temple, the church, yet it is suggested that
others, and even Gentiles, should come and build in it; and which when
done, it would be evident that the prophet had his mission to the Jews
of the Lord; and the chapter is closed with a promise of the
accomplishment of all this, should they diligently hearken to the voice
of the Lord, \\#Zec 6:15\\.