Nehemiah 10:37-39 NIV

37 "Moreover, we will bring to the storerooms of the house of our God, to the priests, the first of our ground meal, of our [ grain] offerings, of the fruit of all our trees and of our new wine and oil.1 And we will bring a tithe2 of our crops to the Levites,3 for it is the Levites who collect the tithes in all the towns where we work.4

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38 A priest descended from Aaron is to accompany the Levites when they receive the tithes, and the Levites are to bring a tenth of the tithes5 up to the house of our God, to the storerooms of the treasury.

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39 The people of Israel, including the Levites, are to bring their contributions of grain, new wine and oil to the storerooms where the articles for the sanctuary are kept and where the ministering priests, the gatekeepers and the singers stay. "We will not neglect the house of our God."6

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