Hosea 4:1-6 NIRV

The LORD Brings Charges Against Israel

1 People of Israel, listen to the LORD's message. He is bringing charges against you who live in Israel. He says, "There is no faithfulness or love in the land. No one recognizes me as God.

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      2 People call down curses on others. They tell lies and commit murder. They steal and commit adultery. They break all of my laws. They keep on spilling the blood of others.
      3 That is why the land is drying up. All those who live in it are getting weaker and weaker. The wild animals and the birds of the air are dying. So are the fish in the ocean.
      4 "But you priests should not blame the people. You should not find fault with one another. After all, your people could also bring charges against you.
      5 You trip and fall day and night. And the prophets fall down along with you. So I will destroy your nation. She is the one who gave birth to you.
      6 My people are destroyed because they do not know me. "You priests have refused to obey me. So I will refuse to accept you as my priests. You have not paid any attention to my law. So I will not let your children be my priests.