Isaiah 42:20-25 NLT

20 You see and understand what is right but refuse to act on it. You hear, but you don't really listen."
21 The LORD has magnified his law and made it truly glorious. Through it he had planned to show the world that he is righteous.
22 But what a sight his people are, for they have been robbed, enslaved, imprisoned, and trapped. They are fair game for all and have no one to protect them.
23 Will not even one of you apply these lessons from the past and see the ruin that awaits you?
24 Who allowed Israel to be robbed and hurt? Was it not the LORD? It was the LORD whom we sinned against, for the people would not go where he sent them, nor would they obey his law.
25 That is why he poured out such fury on them and destroyed them in battle. They were set on fire and burned, but they still refused to understand.