This chapter begins with a prophecy concerning the Messiah, under the
character of the servant of the Lord, and his elect, whom he
supported, and was well pleased with; whose work is pointed at, and
for which he was well qualified with the Spirit without measure,
\\#Isa 42:1\\ and is described by his humility and meekness,
\\#Isa 42:2\\, by his tenderness to weak and ignorant persons,
\\#Isa 42:3\\ and by his courage and resolution, \\#Isa 42:4\\ then
follow his call to his work, and the several parts of it, introduced
with setting forth the greatness of God that called him, as the
Creator of the heavens and of the earth, and of men upon it,
\\#Isa 42:5-7\\, whose name is Jehovah, and whose glory is incommunicable
to a creature, and whose knowledge reaches to future things, which
are predicted by him, \\#Isa 42:8,9\\, and then Gentiles are called
upon to praise the Lord, and give glory to him, partly for the above
promises concerning the Messiah, \\#Isa 42:10-12\\, and partly for
the destruction of his enemies, \\#Isa 42:13-15\\, and also for his
gracious regard to such who had been blind and ignorant,
\\#Isa 42:16\\, the confusion of idolaters is prophesied of, and an
exhortation is given them to make use of the means of light and
knowledge, \\#Isa 42:17,18\\, and the blindness, ignorance, and
stupidity of the Jews, are exposed, though there was a remnant among
them with whom the Lord was well pleased, for the sake of the
righteousness of his Son, \\#Isa 42:19-21\\, but as for the body
of the people, they were to be given up to the spoilers and robbers
for their sins and disobedience, and be the butt of the divine wrath
and vengeance, \\#Isa 42:22-24\\.

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