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Judges 20:18 NLT

18 Before the battle the Israelites went to Bethel and asked God, “Which tribe should go first to attack the people of Benjamin?” The LORD answered, “Judah is to go first.”

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  • a 20:10 - Hebrew 10 men from every hundred, 100 men from every thousand, and 1,000 men from every 10,000.
  • b 20:10 - Hebrew Geba, in this case a variant spelling of Gibeah; also in 20:33 .
  • c 20:33 - As in Greek and Syriac versions and Latin Vulgate; Hebrew reads hiding in the open space.
  • d 20:42 - Or battle, for the people from the nearby towns also came out and killed them.
  • e 20:43 - The meaning of the Hebrew is uncertain.