Zechariah 6:1-6 NLT

1 Then I looked up again and saw four chariots coming from between two bronze mountains.
2 The first chariot was pulled by red horses, the second by black horses,
3 the third by white horses, and the fourth by dappled-gray horses.
4 "And what are these, my lord?" I asked the angel who was talking with me.
5 He replied, "These are the four spirits a of heaven who stand before the Lord of all the earth. They are going out to do his work.

References for Zechariah 6:5

    • n 6:5 - Or <I>the four winds.</I>
      6 The chariot with black horses is going north, the chariot with white horses is going west, b and the chariot with dappled-gray horses is going south."

      References for Zechariah 6:6

        • o 6:6 - Hebrew <I>is going after them.</I>