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Proverbs 28:18-28 (New International Version)

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18 He whose walk is blameless is kept safe,1 but he whose ways are perverse will suddenly fall.2 19 He who works his land will have abundant food, but the one who chases fantasies will have his fill of poverty.3 20 A faithful man will be richly blessed, but one eager to get rich will not go unpunished.4 21 To show partiality5 is not good6-- yet a man will do wrong for a piece of bread.7 22 A stingy man is eager to get rich and is unaware that poverty awaits him.8 23 He who rebukes a man will in the end gain more favor than he who has a flattering tongue.9 24 He who robs his father or mother10 and says, "It's not wrong"-- he is partner to him who destroys.11 25 A greedy man stirs up dissension,12 but he who trusts in the LORD 13 will prosper. 26 He who trusts in himself is a fool,14 but he who walks in wisdom is kept safe.15 27 He who gives to the poor will lack nothing,16 but he who closes his eyes to them receives many curses.17 28 When the wicked rise to power, people go into hiding;18 but when the wicked perish, the righteous thrive.
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