Isaiah 24 TNIV

The LORD's Devastation of the Earth

1 See, the LORD is going to lay waste the earth1 and devastate2 it; he will ruin its face and scatter3 its inhabitants--

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2 it will be the same for priest as for people,4 for master as for his servant, for mistress as for her servant, for seller as for buyer,5 for borrower as for lender, for debtor as for creditor.6

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3 The earth will be completely laid waste7 and totally plundered.8 The LORD has spoken9 this word.

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4 The earth dries up10 and withers,11 the world languishes and withers, the heavens12 languish with the earth.13

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5 The earth is defiled14 by its people; they have disobeyed15 the laws, violated the statutes and broken the everlasting covenant.16

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6 Therefore a curse17 consumes the earth; its people must bear their guilt. Therefore earth's inhabitants are burned up,18 and very few are left.

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7 The new wine dries up19 and the vine withers;20 all the merrymakers groan.21

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8 The gaiety of the timbrels22 is stilled, the noise23 of the revelers24 has stopped, the joyful harp25 is silent.26

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9 No longer do they drink wine27 with a song; the beer is bitter28 to its drinkers.

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10 The ruined city29 lies desolate;30 the entrance to every house is barred.

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11 In the streets they cry out31 for wine;32 all joy turns to gloom,33 all gaiety is banished from the earth.

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12 The city is left in ruins,34 its gate35 is battered to pieces.

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13 So will it be on the earth and among the nations, as when an olive tree is beaten,36 or as when gleanings are left after the grape harvest.37

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14 They raise their voices, they shout for joy;38 from the west39 they acclaim the LORD's majesty.

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15 Therefore in the east40 give glory41 to the LORD; exalt42 the name43 of the LORD, the God of Israel, in the islands44 of the sea.

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16 From the ends of the earth45 we hear singing:46 "Glory47 to the Righteous One."48 But I said, "I waste away, I waste away!49 Woe50 to me! The treacherous51 betray! With treachery the treacherous betray!52"

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17 Terror53 and pit and snare54 await you, people of the earth.55

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18 Whoever flees56 at the sound of terror will fall into a pit;57 whoever climbs out of the pit will be caught in a snare.58 The floodgates of the heavens59 are opened, the foundations of the earth shake.60

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19 The earth is broken up,61 the earth is split asunder,62 the earth is violently shaken.

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20 The earth reels like a drunkard,63 it sways like a hut64 in the wind; so heavy upon it is the guilt of its rebellion65 that it falls66--never to rise again.67

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21 In that day68 the LORD will punish69 the powers70 in the heavens above and the kings71 on the earth below.

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22 They will be herded together like prisoners72 bound in a dungeon;73 they will be shut up in prison and be punisheda after many days.74

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23 The moon will be dismayed, the sun75 ashamed; for the LORD Almighty will reign76 on Mount Zion77 and in Jerusalem, and before its elders--with great glory.78

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